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Writing Podcasts To Guide Your Storytelling Journey

I started listening to Writing Excuses, a podcast hosted by authors Dan Wells, Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal and Howard Tayler. It’s currently on its 15th season and is packed full of useful writing tips, deep dives into creativity and some pretty amusing conversations. If you have yet to listen to this podcast I couldn’t recommend it enough.

It got me wondering whether there were any other great podcasts aimed at writers…


Joined Up Hosted by Wayne Kelly, Joined Up includes interviews with authors, book reviews and plenty of writing advice to get you going. Wayne taps into the inner psyche of a writer and addresses the potential pitfalls you may experience along the way with a variety of guests.

Writer’s Routine Dan Simpson explores the workings of different writers in this inspirational podcast. Interviewing a different writer each episode, Writer’s Routine delves into their tips and tricks for maximising your creativity and achieving your writing goals.

Rebel Author Pod Sacha Black hosts this motivational one-stop shop for writers. In her podcast, she covers the writing process in-depth as well as things like finance, self-care, and how to edit as a writer.

Indie Author Mindset Hosted by Adam Croft, this is a fantastic podcast offering indie authors tips, strategies and news to advance their writing careers. Each episode is a brief 15 minutes, and Adam makes the time count. He shares tips based on his own personal experience, addressing issues he knows are affecting self-publishing authors and tells you what works best. If you haven’t joined his Facebook group, I highly recommend it.

Death of 1,000 Cuts This is a personal favourite of mine to listen to as host Tim Clare has a wonderful podcast voice. Death of 1,000 Cuts is a great podcast for fiction writers as Tim offers writing exercises, interviews with authors, and encouraging advice to his listeners.

The Creative Penn Hosted by Joanna Penn, this is slightly more serious in tone than some of the other podcasts on this list as it has an industry focus. Joanna addresses a huge range of topics that are relevant for authors and provides guidance for creatives, authors, and those in the publishing industry.

Self-publishing Show Hosted by Mark Dawson and James Black, this is all about self-publishing (as you may have guessed!). They specifically explore how authors can make money from their passion for writing, and I like that they offer actionable suggestions. They also provide writing advice to help you get to a point where you can start thinking about making some money for your work.

Write Now This is hosted by Kitty Bucholtz who believes that everyone has the power to write a book and change the world. Kitty offers quite a variety of content on her podcast, such as advice on writing, interviews with industry professionals, and encouraging words of wisdom.

Next Level Authors This is a podcast all about accountability – something that I know a lot of writers struggle with. Daniel Willcocks and Sacha Black ask the scary questions that will help make you a better, more efficient, and more creative writer.

88 Cups of Tea This incredibly uplifting podcast offers practical writer’s advice on topics like querying, forming positive lifestyle habits, and nurturing your writing as a creative craft. As well as helping writers hone their skills, this podcast examines the broader picture and asks what it means to be human. Give this in listen if you are in need of a boost.

Once you’ve listened to some podcasts on writing, why not find out how I can help you?


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